About the Session

Surround yourself with positive people who empower and encourage you.
Sometimes we need others to point to the greatness in us that we don’t see for ourselves……

Each session is unique and customized to fit you! I will casually suggest some poses throughout our session while engaging with you and your family.

Allowing everyone to be themselves and have fun is what I do best!

Being in front of a camera is not always easy for everyone. I get that, and I promise your session will be easy going, fun, relaxed and as authentic as possible.

Before each session……. We will have a consultation to discuss all things about you and your family and what to expect during a session.

It is important for me to get to know you and your family before a session and find out exactly what you are looking for.

We will either meet at my home office or speak on the phoned to review all important information and what you are looking for from your session..

At this time we will review any specific shots or combinations you want covered in your session.

This is also a perfect time to let me know of any concerns you may want me to be aware of.

I will always do my best to accommodate all your needs.