Regal Red

After photographing so many beautiful teens, this year I had the pleasure of photographing my very own daughter Rachel who is turning 13 in October 2017.

I searched out for the perfect setting, and was so excited to find this incredible location. The night and the lighting was perfect!! Her spectacular red hair, stunning beauty and sassy personality really shined throughout this whole photo shoot.

Rachel looked so regal, like a Woodland princess. I feel so blessed that I was able to capture this incredible moment.

My dearest daughter, you light up my world.

Watching you smile and laugh and go through each day makes me realize how beautiful and rich my life is. No matter where you go in life or who you grow up to be, I’ll be right there beside you to encourage you and to guide you to do your best and to live your dreams. You motivate me to be the best mom I can be and with you around,
I feel complete !!

Dont ever let anyone take you for granted. Always hold your head up high and never stop believing in yourself. Just go forth and reach for the sky.

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